Julian Bohn (1992), a German jazz pianist and pop music producer currently based in the Netherlands, crafts genre-blending music resonating with authenticity and warmth. From his album “Feels Like Home,” which features 11 musicians from across the globe, to his work with artists like electro-pop singer FRÉ and alternative R&B artist XILLAN, he defies musical boundaries while exploring themes close to his heart, for example, the climate crisis, feminism, and equality. Beyond his music, Julian co-founded Music Declares Emergency NL, an organization advocating for climate action in the music industry, and is actively involved in BOYS WON’T BE BOYS, a Dutch theater production centered on real stories about masculinities and gender equality. Graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2023, Julian’s thesis, echoing the theater production’s title, investigates how evolving masculine identities can foster safer working environments in the music industry. This research led to multiple guest lectures on this topic at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Julian has performed at concert halls and clubs across Europe, including at international radio stations such as BBC Radio, NPO Radio 2, NPO Radio 1, and NPO Radio 5. He was invited as a panelist and guest lecturer at conferences and schools including ESNS, Herman Brood Academie, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and the University of Ulster.


Julian Bohn is a rare person in today’s jazz scene. A young musician with a very old musical soul, he’s not trying to blow you out of the water with his technique (which he has plenty of), but rather plays music that draws you in and makes you want to listen to every track. With a beautiful touch and fresh ideas, he leads you on a journey of introspection and creativity.

Judy Niemack, Jazz Vocalist


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